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Selecting the Best Web Hosting Plan for Your Website

1. The right web hosting plan do you need

A top web hosting company in Malaysia can provide you with a server where the website can live. However, you must first contemplate on the type of server you want your pages to be on.
For beginners, a shared hosting plan is always the best option. Some go for VPS servers, but a shared server is still the most cost-effective and quality choice.
In a shared hosting plan, your web pages “live” with other websites on that same exact server.
The processor, disk space and RAM are all shared by all the websites on that server.

2. SSL security

There is no denying that you need SSL security for your platform. SSL security can encrypt your
customer data and website, and ensure that no hacker can steal your information. This is most especially useful if you manage a website where clients are required to enter sensitive
information such as home addresses, credit card numbers and emails.
Adding an SSL certificate to your website can show Google that you are trustworthy and reliable. As a result, it would rank you much higher on search results.

3. The resources you need

This is a simple step that requires you to answer the following questions:
a. How much traffic are you getting? From there, decide on the amount of bandwidth you need. If your platform gets plenty of visitors and constantly crashes, then it’s time to upgrade your site’s bandwidth.
b. How many people are you working with? Decide how many professional email addresses your business requires.
c. The amount of disk space you need? The answer to this depends on the media elements which are on your web pages.

The Things You Must Look for in a Web Hosting Provider

  • Quality Training.

    Your web host must provide great resources to help you manage your website.

  • Additional Services.

    Check if they offer regular backups. The most reliable web hosts have the initiative to fix bugs and update server-side software. Make sure that they do, so you can save plenty of time on website maintenance.

  • Reliability.

    Your host must see to it that they website is up at all times.

  • Unlimited Plans.

    Some website hosting providers advertise free bandwidth, storage and space. However, they still cap it a specific level. Before finalizing the deal, read their terms about it.

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