Top Clinic near Mont Kiara

Choosing Hibari Clinic

1. The Mont Kiara Clinic is Open every day!

They open every day and they are able to provide services every day.

2. Stay Insured with Hibari Clinic!

The Hibari Clinic have several insurances, such as travel insurance, medical insurance and cashless medical services  available

3. Fully equipped

The Clinics are fully equipped with medical facilities such as ultrasonic echo, electrocardiogram blood/urinalysis device, Nitrous oxide device, etc. They would thus be ready and able to provide treatment in cases of an emergency.

4. No worries, no inconveniences

At the clinic in Mont Kiara, Japanese interpreters are available to avoid any hassle.  Also, gynecology checkups and treatment is provided by female doctors

5. Located in Three Locations

Hibari clinic has 3 bases. There are two in Kuala Lumpur; the Mont Kiara clinic and a clinic in KLCC. The 3rd is based in Penang. In addition to our 3 bases, the clinics have a diverse range of services, which includes Dentistry, vaccinations, dermatology, and they tend to babies, children, men, and women.

6. Reservations

Priority service is given to those who have reserved an appointment

7. Convenient location

Each Hibari clinic branch is easily accessible by Japanese people and any other patients.

8. Security and Belonging

Be at ease to communicate in Japanese. Our receptionist, telephone correspondence, pharmacists and doctors are able to respond in Japanese, so you would be fully capable to express your concerns.

9. Be informed

The clinic is forthcoming and informative. They provide clear instructions to patients about the drugs assigned to them.

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