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Top 5 Affordable Watches You Should Buy Right Now

1. Timex Weekender Fairfield Watch

Timex made their unique take on customizable minimalism through the Weekender Fairfield
timepiece. If you are in the market for something with interchangeable watch straps, look into this watch model. You can pick from a vast selection of colors, and get one that suits your personality.

2. Greyhours Vision Classic Gold Watch

This watch model is part of a timeless range for a reason. It has a gold-coated casing, black
French lambskin bracelet and pure white face–a mixture of classic design elements. Whether
you are a newbie collector or just someone who is looking for a casual watch, this one’s perfect for you.

3. Greyhours Vision Shine Carbon Watch

This Carbon model from the Vision Shine collection embodies Greyhours’ sober aesthetic. For complete purists, this is an amazing buy. This timepiece has a classy black face, wrist strap, and dark stainless-steel casing. There are tons of men’s watches in Malaysia, but this one is loved by many because of its monochromatic aesthetic and masculinity.

4. Seiko Premier Watch

The Seiko Premier Watch is inspired by the popular neo-classical architecture. Seiko takes pride in providing a timepiece with a modern flair, and at the same time stays true to a classical vibe.
Eye-catching and refined in design, its dial features simple blue hands that incorporate a subtle touch of color.

5. Vincero Chrono S Watch

This Vincero Chrono S distances itself from a reserved minimalist watch design, and was developed through striking style elements. The iteration of this timepiece boldly contrasts rose gold numerals and hands against a black, opaque dial face.

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