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Things to Look for In a Watch

1. Resale Value

Every watch is an investment. If you want to start buying watches as a collector, you must think about what you can get from a watch, in case you get rid of it. Check the value of the watch for the years to come. Be very careful in buying expensive timepieces. Very few watches have big resale values.
Whether you are thinking of getting an heirloom watch or a timepiece that you can sell in so and so years, you need to do it right. Play your cards right, and invest on the right piece. Look for quality mechanical watches in Malaysia. You can start with Rolex and Patek Philippe. Watches from these brands usually stretch far beyond its acquisition price.

2. Durability

When it comes to durability, there are tons of features to take note off. It can involve the following:

  • the girth and size of the watch
  • the amount of beating it can take
  • check if it can survive water contact (is it water-resistant?)
  • how long before it requires servicing
  • can the internals be maintained

You will the answer to these once you do your research. Learn more about watch care and
maintenance. Do you know that getting a Swiss mechanical watch repaired can cost thousands of
dollars? Sometimes, the cost even rivals the worth of the timepiece itself. Learning more about the durability of watches can save you big money in the long run.

3. Reliability

Reliability is one thing that is often taken for granted. In this aspect, you just need to know what type of watch you really need. Be open minded. Price doesn’t always equate to reliability and value. Just like mechanical watches, quartz watches can also deliver great value.

4. Scratch Resistance

Many people buy watches simply because they look classy and beautiful. But, would they look flawless forever? When choosing the perfect watch for you, check if it is scratch resistant. Look for a jeweler that can enlighten you with this. See to it that it can take accidental scruffs and scrapes.

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