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Some Utterly Unique Watches that You Might Find Interesting

Ever since I got into collecting watches, I have always been fascinated with mechanical watches. Although they might not be as practical as an automatic watch simply because you have to manually wind it every day to make it work as it should, it is the type of watch that holds a lot of horological history.

Having said that, as a watch collector, I’ve come across many different watches over the years and in today’s article, I will talk about some utterly unique watches that you might find interesting.

Cartier Tank

Speaking of horological history, the Cartier Tank is a pretty special watch because it has been around for so many decades now. My grandmother actually bought a Cartier Tank in the 70s and its Roman numeral watch face makes the entire timepiece look even more appealing.
Larsson Jennings Lugano

The watch may look quite simple at first glance, but once you wear it every day, you will find that it actually looks (and feels) special. The watch strap is made of gold and it is definitely quite comfortable to wear for prolonged periods of time.

Casio A168WG-9VT

The Casio A168WG-9VT (I know, I wish the name of the watch could’ve been improved, but whatever) is a pretty functional watch. It is one of the most accurate watches that I’ve ever owned and I am really picky when it comes to watches.

Having said that, what makes this watch special is that it is a digital watch that is crafted to make it look more stylish than other similar watches.

Seiko 5 Day-Date

When people think about automatic watches, they instantly assume that the said timepiece is quite expensive, but that is actually not the case.

Seiko is a Japanese watchmaker that actually creates stunning timepieces at affordable prices (they also offer luxury watches with their Grand Seiko line as well).

The Seiko 5 Day-date watch is an automatic watch that does not require any battery. All it really needs is for you to wear the watch and just go about your normal activities.

The watch looks quite professional that one might think that it costs more than it is worth. If you want a somewhat close replica of Rolex watches, the Seiko 5 Day-date watch will not disappoint.

Shinola Runwell

From the name, you might think that this is a timepiece that is made in Japan, but it is actually created by an American company.

That being said, Shinola is committed to providing people with stylish watches that do not break the bank and the Shinola Runwell hits that mark.

It is a 41mm-diameter watch with a rather simple design and what I love about this watch is that it easily allows you to change the watch strap as you see fit.

By default, it uses a black leather strap but you can change any strap that you want provided that it fits the watch lugs.

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