All You Need to Know About Affiliate Marketing in 2019

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The majority of the worlds’ population would have to wake up early in the morning and
prepare to go to their offices. This particular scenario is called the “rat race” by many
simply because a lot of people are racing towards their companies to start working each
and every day (unless of course, you don’t work during the weekends).

This is pretty much a disadvantage for a lot of people, especially if you are in a very
crowded city and your house is far away from your place of work.

These and a lot of other reasons have compelled some people to turn to other
competitive markets in order to earn money. Since we pretty much rely on online
means, we turn to affiliate marketing.

Youtube affiliate marketing has become quite a trend in recent years, simply because a
lot of people are using the platform.

So, what is the state of affiliate marketing now in 2019?


Before anything else, people who do not know how affiliate marketing works must read
this section. So, the way it works is that the publisher (or the affiliate) would enroll in an
affiliate program or network where a third-party (or middleman) will bridge the publisher
and the merchant in order to keep things going.

The merchant or company would then tell the affiliates to market or advertise products
in a way that will mesh with their original content.

Let’s take Youtube, for example. Say, you’re a content creator for the fashion industry
and your partner merchant wants you to advertise their particular line of clothing, then
you place that anywhere on your video (preferably the first few minutes of it). You don’t
have to be ‘in your face’; you just have to mention the product and then provide the
affiliate links to your audience in the video description.

This has become the standard for many years now and a lot of publishers have actually
enjoyed so much success through this platform.

I do have to point out that Youtube is not the only platform where publishers can create
content. They can either post blogs on their websites or they can even do some social
media marketing as well (though most of the people would just create content directly
on their websites like articles or blog posts).

How Do You Get Paid?

Now that you know the basics, you’re probably wondering how you’re going to get paid
as an affiliate. Well, there are three methods, but only one seems to be the default

Most of the companies nowadays are following the pay-per-sale model where the
affiliate would get a percentage commission based on the sale price of the actual

There are also some companies that follow the pay-per-lead model where the affiliate
will get a commission every time one lead is converted. This is usually done by
companies that sell subscription-based services.

The now-defunct model is the PPC or pay-per-click model where the affiliate will be
given a percentage commission based on the increase in web traffic. This hasn’t been
used in quite a while now because the nature of the payment model allows people to
exploit it.