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5 Ways to Get Blogging for Money

1. Freelance Blogging

Blog networks are dominating the digital landscape. In fact, several online entrepreneurs are now hiring lots of freelance writers to produce articles. This is an amazing opportunity for both newbie and experienced writers.

2. Blog Advertising

Create your own blog so you can advertise different products and services. Remember, blogs are now becoming trendy alternatives to classic newsletters. Try weaving your pitches into several blog entries. That way, you can strategically promote your products, and step up your blogging business.

3. Advertising Programs

There are tons of advertising programs bloggers can choose from to earn more money online. Three of the options that can be considered are text link ads, BlogAds and Google AdSense.

4. Affiliate Programs

Are you looking for the best affiliate programs in Malaysia? There are tons of products and programs to choose from! In the affiliate marketing process, a business agrees to give you a commission for helping them sell their affiliate products. The visitors would see the business ad on your pages, then, once they click on that affiliate link, you would get paid.

The four biggest affiliate programs that you can use to earn more blogging money:
A. ClickBank
B. Commisison Junction
C. Amazon
D. Linkshare

5. Get hired by a reputable company.

Several businesses love to have their own blogs, it’s just that, they don’t have sufficient resources to maintain one. This is where you come in. You can be the answer to their blogging staff problem. Now, how can land such gig? Look for businesses that need those services, and persuade them that you are the person that they would want to hire.

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