5 Crucial Questions to Ask an Event Planner Before You Hire Them

1. “What kinds of event software or tools are you familiar with?”

Event planning and management professionals in Malaysia make use of technology to make their routines more convenient. Ask your potential event planner is she is regularly using technology for project management, and in dealing with budget, online registration, reporting, analysis, ticketing and websites. Knowing this detail would ensure that their team is using the most efficient products available.

2. “Can you tell me about your previous events? Do you have photos and videos that you can show me?”

References are a great way to get to know the point of view, taste and style of your potential planner. Review their previous videos and photos. You should also look for testimonials online from previous clients. Find proof of their team’s professional. Don’t worry. Each event manager has references available upon request. All you need is ask.

3. “What kinds of events do they usually plan?”

Each event is different. Check if the event management company you are planning to work with has a specialization. If you are planning a birthday party, find a planner who specialize in that. Someone who usually works with weddings, fundraisers and trade show may not be the best person for the job.

4. “What specific services do you provide?”

Before finalizing your deal with an event manager, it’s a great idea to check what types of services they can give you and your event. Make sure that their team fully understands what you are trying to achieve. Will they be able to handle the requirements for your awesome event? Can they organize catering, and look for a good venue for you?

5. “In what way do they remain up-to-date with the latest trends in the event industry?”

Things change in every industry. Trends come and go, as new technology emerges. You would want to work with a professional who knows how to stay relevant in her own field. Check if your potential event planner is affiliated with reputable organizations, and if she regularly attends event planning conferences.

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